Limited Only By Imagination


We believe in a Waterfall Model approach
We take the time out to get it right; your satisfaction is guaranteed when using these seven (7) simple steps.

Waterfall model approach

  1. Requirements
    Let us know what you want to accomplish with your new Custom Software, if you can conceptualize it we can get it done, we know software and you know your business.
  2. Design
    Our team will create the best design for your system. This design includes User Interface, Colour Scheme, Forms/Pages, Report design, Logo design, icons, backgrounds, flow charts and pseudo codes.
  3. Develop
    Now it is time to create your custom software based on your requirements and our designed. This is where the gloves come off, fingers and neck crack and our highly qualified software engineers go to work.
  4. Test
    Our testers come in and put themselves in your shoes and test the software for usability and functionality
  5. Implement and Test Some More
    Your custom software is now packaged and delivered to you, here you are given the opportunity to use it while at the same time testing the software some more. We will work with you closely at this stage to ensure you are satisfied with your Custom Software.
  6. Gain Your Approval
    We do not rest until we have our client's approval that the software works. The satisfaction of our client is priority number one.
  7. Maintain
    Improvements, Modifications and Additions to keep you smiling while keeping your software up to date